Thank Everybody for Everything


Thank Everybody for Everything - Grow Your Life and Business with Gratitude is Debbie and Peggy's first book.  It reflects their personal philosophy that what you send out into the universe comes back to you.  Send out positive thoughts and messages, get back positive results.  Send out negative thoughts and messages, you'll get the same.

“No one can read Thank Everybody for Everything! without
feeling the incredible power of gratitude to enrich our lives.
The 13 exercises will not only brighten the lives of others around
you but will leave you feeling more positive and joyful
Thanks Peggy and Debbie for lighting the way for us!”
—John A.Warnick, creator of

Thank Everybody for Everything is about attracting joy and prosperity through acts of kindness and expressions of gratitude.  Every day we need to be reminded to stop, “smell the roses” and be thankful for our blessings—both large and small.  This book provides easy-to-do exercises and suggestions for adopting “an attitude of gratitude” in everything you do.

The simple act of saying, “thank you,” either written or spoken can have a dramatic effect on the recipient.  You can change that person’s life, but did you know you can also change your own life?  That’s because what you send out to the world always returns to you.  You have the power to control what the world sends you.  You have the power to make good things happen–learn how when you thank everybody for everything. 

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