Sunday, September 16, 2012

Welcome to Gratitude Partners!

We are happy you are here.  Gratitude Partners began as a publishing company for the books, Thank Everybody for Everything - Grow your Life and Business with Gratitude and Gratitude Expressions  - a Five Year Journal.  Debbie and Peggy believe that what you send out in the world comes back to you - not just ten fold, but many times more than that!

Debbie and Peggy experience the richness life has to offer.  They each bring their own unique talents and perspectives to every single one of their many projects.  Most recently they were asked to Speak at Sea - a cruise departing from Tampa, Florida on December 2, 2012 and travelling to Honduras, Belize and Mexico.  Debbie's topic is estate planning and Peggy's is social media.  However, they will be making both presentation together, simply because it will be more entertaining and fun.

Their newest book series, Straight Talk!  includes two new features:  Straight Talk! About Estate Planning and Straight Talk! What To Do When Someone Dies.

Straight Talk! About Estate Planning  is a no-nonsense, easy to read chronicle of the importance of creating estate plans that work.  They introduce you to interesting characters who need education, guidance and counselling to meet the unique planning needs of their families.  Included is the story of Annabelle, a dog who desperately misses her owner who never returns home.  Straight Talk! About Estate Planning is available on both in paperback and Kindle versions.

Straight Talk! What To Do When Someone Dies offers down to earth information on what the estate administration process.  You'll learn why probate is not a four letter word and why trusts needs administration, even though they avoid probate.  Peggy and Debbie give you the confidence you need to navigate the strange and unusual land of estate administration.  Straight Talk! What To Do When Someone Dies is available on both in paperback and Kindle versions.

Other Gratitude Partner ventures include The Professional Nudge, a legal letter writing service to voice consumer complaints without resorting to costly, time-consuming litigation; Animal Care Trust, a one-of-a-kind trustee program designed to protect the legal and financial interests of pets as beneficiaries of Pet Trusts; and the creation of a Pet Lover's Guide to Mediation.