Pet Lover's Guide to Mediation by Peggy Hoyt

The Pet Lover’s Guide to Mediation is a first-of-its-kind glimpse into the world of how mediation can successfully be used to resolve pet related disputes.  Disputes related to pets could include pet custody (especially in a divorce or separation), landlord and tenant issues, boarding, breeding or grooming contract disagreements, pet lemon law violations, and veterinary malpractice, just to name a few.  

The court system isn’t designed to address the unique concerns of pets and their owners.  Not all disputes can be resolved by the payment of money.  When pets are involved, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking are required to craft a solution that works to the advantage of all parties – but especially the pets.  

Pets are family too!  When they have legal issues that can’t be easily resolved, mediation may be the answer.  The Pet Lover’s Guide to Mediation answers your questions about the mediation process and how you can use it to your greatest advantage. 

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