Straight Talk! About Estate Planning

Straight Talk!About Estate Planning provides a no-nonsense look at the importance of estate planning and how to create an estate plan that works!  In their straight forward, easy to read style, Peggy Hoyt and Debbie Roser lead you on a journey through the maze of legal potholes that include staying out of the guardianship courts, avoiding probate, reducing gift and estate taxes and making more than sure your plan accomplishes your personal and family goals.  

Meet Mary, mother of three who visits attorney Harry Hurry and ends up with an estate plan that is a complete waste of money and doesn’t come close to accomplishing her simple goal of providing for her children.  Discover the importance of how assets are titled, how beneficiaries are designated and how to avoid the bad things that happen to good people.  

Get acquainted with Annabelle, a beloved dog whose owner leaves for an ordinary day and never returns.  Discover how to protect the people and pets you love through special planning considerations that include special needs trusts, trusts for unmarried partners, lifetime protective trusts and pet trusts.  
Straight Talk! About Estate Planning will entertain you while imparting crucial information you need for every aspect of your life – now while you are alive and well, in the event of your mental disability and at the time of your death.  It’s a must read for everyone!

If you have an estate plan or need one, Straight Talk! About Estate Planning is the right book, for right now! 

Available on in paperback and on Kindle!

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